AI Builder Licensing

AI Builder is an add-on to Power Apps, Power Automate and Dynamics 365 License.

NOTE: You can try AI Builder for free with trial after you have Power Apps, Power Automate or Dynamics 365 license.

How to acquire and assign AI Builder License

AI Builder license comes with buying AI Builder capacity. Once enough capacity is bought by the administrator, then the administrator can assign the capacity desired environments from Power Platform Admin Center. In the Power Platform Admin Center, select Resources > Capacity > Summary tab:

In the admin center, click on Add-ons tab to see the summary information as shown below:

To allocate or change the capacity in an environment, click on Manage link on the top right corner.

Now, select Assign to an environment and then select Manage add-ons in the upper left menu bar.

Select the environment where you want to assign the capacity from the Environment drop-down menu and then allocate from your available capacity as shown below:

NOTE: We can restrict the people who can allocate the capacity from Power Platform Settings as shown below screen shot

AI Builder Calculator

AI Builder calculator really helps to estimate the required add-on capacity based on your estimated consumption.

Check AI Builder Calculator

AI Builder Trail License

With AI Builder trail license, you can use AI Builder feature for free during 30-day trial period.

With AI Builder trail license, we get following:

a. Create and use AI models in any environment (trial or production)

b. Store your AI model results in Dataverse.

c. Use AI model in your apps, flows and more.


  1. AI Builder trail license is applicable at the user level but not the environment level. Same user can use the trial license on multiple environments.
  2. Any individual can try out the features of AI Builder for 30 days and incur no costs to the company. This option is available to any user in a tenant and cannot be disabled by an admin.

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