Power App : AI Builder Architecture

If we see the history of AI, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) word was found back in 1956. Since then, so much of research was done to make it real. Few years back, AI was limited to universities and huge research centers. As the technology evolving rapidly, AI started involving in our daily life. We are using lot of devices or technologies without knowing AI is being used behind the scenes.

Now, if we look into Microsoft products, lot of investment was made to create new AI products and services. There are many changes are in queue in coming years as well.

If we take Microsoft’s Azure environment, AI is integral part of it and many services are utilizing the AI services.

If we see Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services, it includes Vision, Speech, Language and Decision are handled by AI models. We can write professional code by using Azure Cognitive Services to build custom applications by using AI models.

To take AI to the next level, Microsoft made AI available to Citizen developers through AI Builder.

AI Builder is an additional wrapper or services created on top of Azure AI services.

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