• Common mistakes by makers in Power Automate

    Power Automate is a powerful tool that allows users to automate business processes and save time and effort. However, creating flows in Power Automate can be challenging, and users often make mistakes that can result in errors and inefficiencies. Here are some common mistakes that users make while creating Power Automate flows: Not Setting Triggers…

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  • Common mistakes while creating Canvas Apps

    Power Platform is a low-code development platform that enables users to create custom business applications without the need for traditional programming skills. Canvas apps are one of the key components of the Power Platform and allow users to create custom interfaces that interact with data from various sources. Despite its user-friendly interface and low-code development…

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  • Guidelines to Improve Canvas Applications

    PowerFx is a low-code programming language used in Microsoft Power Apps to build canvas applications. PowerFx formulas can become complex, making the application slow, affecting its performance. Here are some changes you can make in PowerFx canvas formulas to improve performance. In summary, improving the performance of a canvas application requires optimizing PowerFx formulas to…

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  • Power Platform Learning Resources

    Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low-code and no-code tools that enable businesses to build custom applications, automate workflows, and analyze data. If you are looking to learn Power Platform, there are several resources available that cater to different learning styles and levels of expertise. Here are some of the best learning resources for…

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