• AI Builder Licensing

    AI Builder is an add-on to Power Apps, Power Automate and Dynamics 365 License. NOTE: You can try AI Builder for free with trial after you have Power Apps, Power Automate or Dynamics 365 license. How to acquire and assign AI Builder License AI Builder license comes with buying AI Builder capacity. Once enough capacity…

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  • Power App : AI Builder Architecture

    If we see the history of AI, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) word was found back in 1956. Since then, so much of research was done to make it real. Few years back, AI was limited to universities and huge research centers. As the technology evolving rapidly, AI started involving in our daily life. We are…

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  • Power Apps Disambiguation Operator @

    While building Power Apps, sometimes we come across some Field names which are part of the data source and also same name used for a control or a new column added with AddColumns() function or a column  within your collections, then Power Apps needs to identify which column we are actually referring to within you…

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  • Track Power Automate execution with Workflow() function

    Power Automate can be used to automate many repetitive tasks and also automate simple to complex business processes. When a Power Automate (flow) executes, with the provided user interface, we can see all the details of the execution. As the flow execution depends on its trigger and sometimes it is very hard to identify the…

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